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Tricolour Financial Services Private Limited

Unsecured Business Loans, on the go

Businesses need capital and we understand this. At Tricolor Financial Services Private Limited, we facilitate short term SME financing options with an incredibly quick turnaround time. Get closer to your business goals and make the most of our unsecured business loans.




3 Steps to quick business loans

Tricolor Financial Services Private Limited , we understand time is of great essence for small businesses. Applying for an unsecured business loan with Tricolor is a simple, & hassle-free 3 step process.

Qualification & Application

Qualification & Application

  • Know your eligibility in just 3 steps
  • Apply for your loan with Tricolor
  • Submit a few application details
  • You’re done in minutes!


  • Evaluation of the application
  • Receive a provisional loan offer
  • Get started with the disbursal process!


  • Upload pre-disbursal documents
  • Sign an e-agreement
  • Your loan is disbursed within 5 days*

Quit Waiting. Start Applying

*Our 5 day disbursal timeline is based on a combined effort between the customer, and our backend processes. Once you submit all documents correctly, we begin our verification, and aim to disburse funds into your account within 5 working days.

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You can use the following to know for what you are looking for. If you want to know more about the course always feel free to contact us.


Tricolour Financial Services Private LimitedFaq

How do I Apply for a Quick Business Loan?
Any small or medium business customer can apply for a quick business loan through our services page  or through the partners empaneled.. All you have to do is fill the form and take it ahead from here.

Do I need to pay a Fee to Apply for a SME Loan?
No. There is no upfront fee to be paid, while you apply for a SME Loan with Tricolour. The charges, whatever applicable are debited after loan disbursal.

What is the application process for applying an unsecured business loan?
The application process for Tricolour is fairly simple.

1. Pr-Qualification and application
2. Decision on the application
3. Disbursal

Faq  Tricolour Financial Services Private Limited

What documents do I need, to apply for a Business Loan?

At TFS, we’ve kept our documentation process fairly straightforward.
For a small ticket loan we have a very limited documentation.

1. Bank Statements
2. GST returns
3. Latest Saral Form

For higher loan amounts, the documentation required, is based on your business constitution, and on the loan amount requested. These are communicated to the user at every step of the journey, with adequate help provided wherever required.

Can I get assistance during my application process?

Ofcourse! During your application process, you can get in touch with a Tricolour representative who can help you through chat, call, or email, whichever you prefer most.

Address: No.105, Ranga Vilas, New Dhamu Nagar, Coimbatore - 641 037.

Mobile : 0422-4516441

Mail: customercare@tfs.net.in


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Address: No.105, Ranga Vilas, New Dhamu Nagar, Coimbatore - 641 037.

Mobile : 0422-4516441

Mail: customercare@tfs.net.in


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